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It’s Danielle! Your Go-To Blogging and Pinterest Manager!

March 6, 2022

Danielle Ashworth

Welcome Babes!!!

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Congrats! You Made It!!!

So happy you are here and a part of this amazing creation that is all my own! Created @itsdanielleashworth with a vision in mind to help amazing wedding photographers uplevel their business and life with me by their side! Truly, I wanted to make an impact inside of their business and found I had a high level passion for Pinterest. Being a Pinterest Manager and now Blogging Manager for the wedding industry has truly changed my life – for the better.

If you didn’t know, I left my 9-5 back in 2021 because I was just, simply put, over it!! And new that I was meant for WAY more! It was a scary jump. I realized quickly how fricking hard it is to be a CEO and run everything inside of your business, successfully. But, I would not trade it for anything else – EVER!

I wake up every single day grateful for my life and this business that I have created! I am truly BLESSED!!!

If You Are New Here | Consider Me Your Blogging and Pinterest Manager BFF

A little about me… If you didn’t know I am an obsessed dog momma, gymrat, wine lover, and outgoing AF. I truly am ready to make shit happen!!! I have a very go-getter type of attitude and once I put my mind to something nothing will get in my way!

I am so excited that you are now a part of this evolving journey of being a full time Blogging and Pinterest Manager. If you are ready to elevate the crap out of your business through the power of Pinterest and Blogging than I am your girl! Let’s do it! Absolutely honored to be a part of your business and help market the heck out of your magical creations!

So Now What?! | Come Follow Along For The Ride!

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Can’t wait to chat soon!

Xoxo, Danny